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These are the voyages of Bob and Monika. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new places, to seek out new hikes and cruises, to boldly wander where they've never wandered before!

We call these voyages Wanderungs.

A note from the author - Just why does this website exist, anyhow?

Wanderungs and Ausfluege - Illustrated accounts of the long trips Bob & Monika have taken since their retirement

Zen and the Art of E-bike Touring

Ausflug 39: Making Lemonade from Lemons; Two Weeks in Northern Germany: September-October 2014

Ausflug 38: A Midsummer Night's Dream - June-July 2013

Ausflug 37: The Great American Roadtrip Returns - April 2013

And then there are...
Ausfluege - Bob & Monika's Tales of Travel
"Ausflug" is German for an outing or excursion. These are the shorter trips taken by Bob and Monika Holt over the last few years.

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